Dance Friday

Probably the best known activity of the Movement Collective, Dance Friday, is a weekly freestyle dance that has been taking place for over 35 years.


In addition to dancing, there are many ways to be involved.
Would you like to:

Lead a class?




Greet people at the door?

Here are some of the upcoming events.
We hope you will join us for community, fun and, of course, dancing.  Schedule: 8pm-11pm  (usually 1st & 3rd Fridays)

February 24th

35 Church St. Watertown (First Parish Watertown)


All remaining dances held at 74 Pleasant St. Arlington (St. John’s)

March 3rd, 17 & 18th 

Join us for the DNE Spring Weekend March 17th, 18th and 19th more details here: 2017 DNE Spring Weekend

April 7th, 21st 

May 5th, 19th 

June 2nd, 16th